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Hey, so we were working on our 3rd album at the beginning of the year. We only got two songs fully recorded before it caught the virus and we had to put it on the riffulator machine.

With no work and all the time in the world we decided to work through recording some of the acoustic stuff we've played over the years because we can do that remotely.

It's a mix of cover songs, acoustic versions of Trippy songs and a couple of originals.

We're gonna put them out as singles over the next few months.

The first one was our cover of Dragonaut by Sleep and the second is Southern from our debut album Movin On.

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If you're new to Trippy Wicked here's a mix of stuff as an introduction.

If you prefer to check stuff out on Bandcamp then try our most recent heavy double A-side single Three Leaves / Green Memories...

... and then go for our debut album Movin On.

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